Belizean Studies Journal 


The Belizean Studies was the longest running journal dedicated to social science research on Belize. The journal features research in a variety of disciplines including cultural anthropology, archeology, decolonization, diplomatic relations, photo-history, oral history, biographies, literature and book reviews.  It contains the work of some of the most pioneering researchers on Belize and is considered an invaluable repository of Belize’s scholarship.


The objectives of the digitization project are to enable wider access to the journal; assist with the preservation of original documents; encourage research; and sensitize users and the public about the importance of research for the development of Belize.


This project is funded by the Institute for Social and Cultural Research of the National Institute of Culture and History (ISCR-NICH), Belize.


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BHA Online Resources

This collection features information on Belize’s history that are available online.

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