About the BHA Logo

The BHA logo was designed by Mr. Joel Cho and Mr. Jeremy Gongora who were the first and second place winners of a Logo-Design Competition organized by the BHA. The two winning logos were merged to form one logo which is now the official logo for the BHA. The following is a description of the logo:



The logo is comprised of two main texts. In the outer layer is the full name of the organization: Belize History Association. In the inner layer is the abbreviation of the organization: BHA.


  1. Maroon: While red typically denotes aggressive action, the maroon which is a variation of red represents careful and thoughtful action.
  2. Gold: The gold was selected to represent the immense wealth and value of Belize’s history.
  3. Blue: The blue color of the ribbon is indicative of the organization’s desire to persevere in its mission.
  4. Black: The Belize map is designed in black to represent the resilience that is necessary to overcome the challenges of interpreting Belize’s history.
  5. White: The full name of the organization and the magnifying glass icon is designed in white to signify the organization’s neutrality in its approach to Belize’s history.


The BHA logo is comprised of four distinct icons.

  1. In the outer circular layer of the logo is a blue ribbon which is employed to represent the BHA mandate to create awareness and celebrate Belize’s history.
  2. At the center point where the ribbon breaks is a magnifying glass. This icon represents the BHA central intent to carefully continue to document and investigate the history of Belize.
  3. In the inner layer of the logo is an open book which symbolizes the open-ended nature of history. It is also an invitation to encourage members to read, document, and investigate Belize’s history.
  4. The Belize map is embedded at the center of the book to reflect the intent of the organization to be as comprehensive in its approach to include the histories of all the people of Belize.

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