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The following books are available for reading at the BHA Secretariat, Institute for Social and Cultural Research (Mountain View Blvd, Belmopan, Belize).

  • Cox, T. (2014). When British Honduras became Belize: A Peace Corps Memoir, 1971 – 1973. USA: Old World Deli Publications.
  • Hoffmann, O. (2014). British Honduras: The invention of a colonial territory mapping and spatial knowledge in the 19th century. Mexico: Cubola Productions & Institut de Recherche Pour le Development.
  • Hunter, F. (2013). The history of the sovereignty of Belize by occupation force of arms treaties. Belize: Author.
  • Manzanares, M. (1997). Life lines: A book of monologues on Belizean social issues (Vol. 1). Belize: Pan American Health Organization and World Health Organization.
  • Manzanares, M. (2006). Faith-based manual for the response to HIV and AIDS: Empowerment and support for families. Mexico: Cubola.
  • Manzanares, M. (2006). Traditional games of Belize. Belize: Belize Kriol Project.
  • Smith, F. (2013). A History of Enterprise in Belize. Belize: InterLogic Publishers

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