Felipe Santiago Ricalde

Felipe Santiago Ricalde

  • Felipe Santiago Ricalde

The following is a biographical profile on a man of the people, Felipe Santiago Ricalde (1920-1975)


  • Born on May 1st, 1920 San worked as a chiclero, farmer and later as a migrant worker on the Panama Canal. This experience of hard work instilled in him strong values of dignity, honesty, responsibility and perseverance.
  • Upon his return from Panama, San took up work at the Pembroke Hall sugar factory and became a member of the General Workers Union and a supporter of the People’s United Party.
  • In 1955 he was elected as Corozal’s first mayor and later elected as area representative for the Corozal North constituency and thereby served in the Legislative Assembly.
  • He was recognized as a true statesman and successfully lobbied his government to improve the lives of his constituents.
  • He implemented infrastructural projects such as the opening of feeder roads which connected rural communities and agricultural lands to the urban center.
  • He established community centers, expanded and established several schools in many villages, constructed a potable water system, as well as introduced the 24-hour electrification of Corozal Town. He also established the multi-purpose stadium which has come to bear his name.
  • In the immediate aftermath of the 1961 Hurricane, he promptly organized a system for the arrival of relief to Corozal. This involved daily trips back and forth by truck to Belize City via the old Northern Highway. He got very little sleep during this time.
  • In 1964 He was also part of a delegation led by Premier George Price to Mexico to lobby support for Belizean Independence.
  • In the last three years of his life he began small scale farming and bee keeping, but on September 23rd, 1975, Santiago died of a sudden heart attack. He was mourned by all of Corozal, his family and his peers.


Information & Photos courtesy: Ms. Eliza Ysaguirre
How to cite: ISCR/NICH. “Philip Goldson (1919- 2011).” Belize’s Heroes, Patriots & Benefactors Exhibit. Retrieved from: [Insert BHA Website URL]


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