Garífuna Language Policy

  • Garífuna Language Policy

by Martha Clayton


The Garífuna language developed on the Caribbean island of Yurumein (Taylor: 2012: 9), now called St. Vincent. Garífuna has been referred to by many  names including Island Carib, Central American Island Carib, Black Carib, Kalipona, and Cariff. It is a member of the Arawak language family and is a language descendant (of(Iñeri.(Kaufmann classified Garífuna as being a branch of the Ta- Maipurean language family Iñeri (Kaufmann 1994: 4676), whereas Aikhenvald re-designated Iñeri outside of the Ta-Arawakan stock, by creating the Caribbean Arawak stock, in order to highlight the distinct genetic unity of the Caribbean (Aikhenvald 1999: 6573). Aikhenvald’s classification also serves as acknowledgment of the unique linguistic history that is the result of extensive language contact, beginning with Carib
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Keywords: Garifuna, Caribbean, linguistic, policy

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