Samuel A. Haynes

Samuel A. Haynes

  • Samuel A. Haynes

The following is a biographical profile on Samuel A. Haynes (1898-1971), Belize social activist




  • Samuel Haynes was born on February 28, 1898 to parents Samuel Edward Haynes and Ellen Trapp.
  • Haynes was a student at Wesley High School, now Wesley College on a competitive scholarship.
  • In 1916 at the age of 18 Haynes joined other Belizeans to serve in World War I as a member of the 2nd Contingent (stationed in Mesopotamia modern day Iraq).
  • During his time he was very observant of seemingly discrimi¬natory practices of the British soldiers against coloureds. As such, he became a key witness to the commission in the inquiry into the Ex-Servicemen’s Riot of 1919.
  • In 1921 Haynes was recruited by Marcus Garvey, the Presi¬dent of the United Negro Improvement Association (to return with him to the U.S.). Garvey met Haynes in Belize and became impressed with his eloquence as well as his commitment to pro¬moting black advancement in society.
  • Haynes emerged as one of the four-member Committee of Presidents of the United Negro Improvement Association when Garvey was arrested in the United States.
  • In June 1966 Haynes formed the Freedom Committee at a public meeting in Harlem after learning of events that had transpired in London in respect to the Webster Proposals and also as reported by Phillip Goldson
  • He wrote extensively and contributed to many United States based papers, including the Negro World, Philadelphia Tribune.
  • He is best known in Belize for having written the words of the poem “Oh Land of the Gods”, the words of which is now Belize’s National Anthem.


Photos Courtesy: Belize Archives and Records Service
Information from: The Daily Clarion
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